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How we got here

A Milwaukee native, I landed here to go to the UW and never left. I sold radio advertising (a career adjacent my degree in Radio/TV/Film), married, had two beautiful daughters, and after the purchase of my second rental property decided to head for the greener fields of Real Estate Sales. These many years later years I have several more homes, one less wife, and the same two daughters.

The Sales side

My Real Estate career began working both in renovation as well as in sales for my former landlord and realtor, Stephanie Miller. She and her family kept a stable of near east side rentals and after her passing her son Jesse continues her work. I helped maintain rentals as well as execute rehabs. After getting a few sales under my belt, many with agents from then Restaino-Bunbury, including Liz Lauer, I moved my license to their firm seeking more support and back-of-house infrastructure. I worked adjacent Liz Lauer as offices closed and opened. We were at Bunbury, then Keller Williams and when Lauer Realty Group first opened, I saw the opportunity to add the marketing and promotions reach of the Lauer Realty Group to my own unique skillsets and history.

The Rentals

I don’t think of myself as either/or.  I work full time in real estate.  I don’t just sell it, I own it, I manage it, I renovate it, I do anything and everything that needs to be done.  More than 10 years ago I partnered with then fellow Presbyterian Deacon Rhonda Plourd to form Deacon Housing LLC. The recession pricing made for several opportunities and purchases that are today healthy and profitable rentals. We’ve continued to add to our portfolios, both as individuals as well as our small company. Together we own and manage about 30 units, mostly on Madison’s near-east side.

The Rest

Left to my own devices, I would be working. It’s what I do. It might be working on my own home or clearing trails and cutting firewood at my pond, a small recreational parcel in Adams County. While I enjoy many of the finer things, I enjoy the outdoors, a job well done, and when they can join me, time with my daughters. That said, what brings me the most joy is helping others achieve the same joy and success that I have found in owning real estate.  That can be the financial win of a well purchased rental or the comfort and warmth one feels at the end of the day when they settle into their perfectly updated, freshly painted living room to Netflix and chill.

Giving Back

Community Involvement

In 2014, I was one of the driving forces in the execution of the first Atwoodfest. Working with The Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center and The Barrymore Theater Atwoodfest anew was born. Years later I’ve worked my way down the chain of command but still get a walkie-talkie and golf cart privileges.  You’ll still see me at many of the festivals, most likely LaFete where I’ve dusted off my bartending license for a good cause.

The Podcast

Real Estate in the 608 is what happens when you want to help even more people and your college degree makes you think this that you could make a decent podcast (and you know a guy who used to be in radio). We’ve been silly, we’ve talked about taxes and insurance, but we’ve also gotten uncomfortable raising issues of systemic racism and gentrification. We sit with people smarter than we are and talk about anything and everything home ownership.