The Three P’s of Selling Your Home.

Though a complicated process the task can be both challenging and exciting.  Often its completion means a new home, a new living situation or a burden lifted. During my years of helping others achieve the goal of a home sold, I have developed the following rubric.  The Three P’s of selling a home help the seller and agent take pause and study the different aspects of the particular sale and what challenges they may face and the unique assets the home can offer.

Though simplified, a read of the three P’s will help you understand the process I take with all of my sellers.  The process is one of co-operation, learning, sharing, and  consensus building.

Price: Using the MLS and other resources I will study recent sales, and active listings to determine what is not selling, what is selling, and for how much.  Taking into account condition, amenities, and time-line we will then develop a price that allows you to meet your goals.

Prep: Often a home can benefit from a “once over” before listing.  Preparation can include decorating changes, painting, repairs or yard work.  We will work together to develop and implement a pre-sale to do list.

Plan: You are already underway.  First you determine the need, study the market, become familiar with other neighborhood sales and decide it is time to sell.  These are all important steps.  Having a plan into the future is also important.  The plan will detail an ideal time-line, marketing strategies, as well as address answers to the “What ifs.”  One of the marketing strategies will be an intensive and accessible web/social media presence.

Price and Plan are the most important P’s.  They are things you have control over.  You can choose the price, which can be a function of Prep.  Prep is also under your control.  You can choose to paint fix, stage or make positive changes to you home.  Discussion of the Plan is how we feel Price and Prep will relate to the market conditions and demand.  We will try to anticipate hurdles, challenges and prepare a best course of action should they arise.  As part of the Plan discussion we will also discuss your next steps as they relate to the purchase of a new home, your move, deadlines and how they will affect our decision making.

The fourth and fifth P?

Plug-in to a Proven-system like the one at Lauer Realty Group.