Landlord-Tenant Resources

Being a landlord means a lot of paper work.  A landlord can draft their own forms if they choose to (unless you are a licensee.)  If that is what you choose to do it is often best to work from a template or form already in use to make certain you are covering your bases.   Here is a link to some free forms and other resources you will need to do it right.  I cannot endorse these forms or offer any legal opinions about them so  if you are just getting started and want to keep things more formal and official, I am happy to share state approved forms with you.  Please just drop me an email and we can find the right form for your needs.

Background Checks
Do you want to rent to this person? Check them out via the local circuit court access site.  This resource may help you find any credit issues.  Generally unpaid debts to former landlords or utilities will show up here as judgments in small claims court.  You may also  have the Madison police check for a criminal record for $9. The Madison Police will check only information allowed by Madison’s stricter Equal Opportunity rules.  Please read the request form carefully as not all criminal convictions are grounds for denying a tenant’s application.

Why pay retail? Take a look at the Madison Stuff Exchange and see what might be free for the taking.  I have also had success finding decent used appliances at Kirsch Appliance on Sherman Ave. or Gary’s Appliance on Vondron.

The Tenant Resource Center
Answers to just about any question you may have regarding tenancy in Madison.

Wisconsin’s Rental Weatherization Program Explained Buying a rental property means making certain that it meets certain weatherization standards.  Your offer to purchase will dictate who is responsible for bringing the property up to these standards.  If the property does not meet the standards at the time of closing, a stipulation will be filed with your agreeing to make the needed changes within the first year of ownership.

Madison’s Landlord-Tenant Responsibilities Explained This simplistic view at the tenant landlord relationship will give you a glimpse of what Madison elects to require of its landlords.  Keep in mind, these are specific to Madison and generally more stringent than other municipalities.