I know a guy

I make connections: people with houses, houses with buyers and often, people with people. Because I not only sell real estate, but own and manage a decent amount of it, I have a pretty in-depth figurative Rolodex.  I always get multiple bids on larger projects or jobs I cannot estimate myself. That being said, I hope this is a good start and helpful.

General Construction / Re-modeling, Windows, Doors

Norlin Builders

Skip Norlin (608)209-0985 or via email at nbco@msn.com Skip is able to tackle medium to large projects and remodels, think new garage, finish the basement, new windows and doors. His work is as impeccable as his truck is clean.


Chris Mikkelson

My second choice home inspector also keeps his schedule full with handyman work. He is a better finish carpenter than I ever dream to be. 608-712-0421


Furst Construction & Remodeling

Nathan Furst is the neighbor’s kid. (he’s grown)  He operates a small remodeling company and is a fine finish carpenter (which means the rough stuff is easy).  Windows, door, very handy handy-man type jobs. Like everybody, winter is the time for larger projects.  (608)345-9306 or natefurst@uwalumni.com

Jim Hansen, Hansen Carpentry

Handy at the rough stuff as well as the finer side.  He has done extensive prep-to-sell repairs for me and clients as well as general remodeling work.  Good well rounded skill-sets. (608) 515-7781


Floor Refinishing

Madison Hardwood Floors

So I stumbled in to this guy. He has a rag-tag crew with horrible taste in music but after a few jobs I remain pleased. I’ve dealt with the owner, Michael for our estimates. That’s the last you’ll see of him before the WJJO crowd comes and makes your floors beautiful.



Jeff Pulley, Pulley Plumbing (608)446-0022 if you enjoy a good price and depth of knowledge with no frills and what my dad referred to as someone from low-overhead country, Jeff is your man. After decades with one of the expensive guys that all the people along Jenifer St. rave about, he is out on his own.  He is a real hoot too, not going to meet a lot of guys like him.

Jack the plumber. Jack  has taken on any size job for me and my clients. He is all uptown now and calls himself  Plumbing Pros. He has handled anything from a drip to a new bathroom for me. He can be reached at (608) 669-7473.

Howe Bros. Plumbing, Reagan Howe Howe Brothers, Do it yourself plumbing, is located on Williamson Street. They have everything you need and if they don’t they can get it. Working on old houses as I do, he is a godsend. The phone number is (608) 257-2884 and they have a website too.

Roofing, Siding, Gutters

Rissa Roofing (608) 846-5343  has in the past few years become as much as a go to guy as Carl Cure.  Call ’em both.  Compare numbers.   He has also put us in touch with Miguel, (608)234-2993, who if you can handle a little broken English, has done some great seamless gutter jobs for us at prices that can’t be beat.

Carl Cure Roofing, Carl Cure (608) 333-6809 Carl sided my own home, made repairs to a few homes I have sold, and also roofed a few friend’s homes. I have been impressed by his straight shooting nature and willingness to address concerns during or after the job.


Heating and Cooling

Jason Bender at Rock Mechanical  (608)320-8565, 2 truck operation that delivers skill, expertise at a decent price. I am as comfortable calling him for routine maintenance as for an emergency call.

Heating and Cooling on Beld St. (608) 256-3950 I always say on Beld St. because of you know Beld St. you know it is low overhead country. I have never been to the “showrroom” if there is one but imagine to be simple and to the point, just like the owner, Gary. They have replaced a furnace or two for me as well as a client or two. They were recommended to me by several people and I have used them several times for new installs as well as repairs. After a few years working with them it became clear that minor repairs and preventative maintenance are not a prioroty for them.  Need a new furnace, now, then they may be the best value.



Dave Blecker (608) 235-5356  He gets top placement because of all the pro-bono work that he does for the many east side festivals produced by Wil-Mar and more recently the Schenk Atwood Starkweather Yahara Neighborhood Association that I lead for the reinvention of Atwoodfest.

Jim Reidle Electric (608)206-1088 One man and a truck operation, often competitive even on larger jobs.

SNS Electric Drue and Ray (920) 382-6085 These fellows came highly recommended by a builder friend and I have since had them upgrade the service in one of our apartment buildings as well as other smaller but  still daunting (to me) jobs.  This service upgrade was no small task (4 100 Amp services). They were capable and pros at both the job as well as customer service. I also found them very price competitive.  I also had them upgrade a house I had just sold for a client.  All went well and on budget.