Lawyers, Guns, Money… and Insurance

All my favorite professional providers from law and loans to insurance.  None of these things are fun to buy or need.  They require too much paperwork and are generally frustrating.  These people make it bearable.

A la carte Law

I’m new to this guy because Jim Yeadon, Real Estate Attorney retired. Jim tells me Paul O’Flanagan, is going to dovetail nicely with my expectations and style, almost as well as he did. I trust him, so here we go. Paul has been able to help many of my clients with small issues as well as myself juggling the less than pleasant needs of a divorce settlement and all the wrangling you might imagine necessary for someone as tied up in real estate as I.


Mortgage Folk

Patrick “Pappy” Johnson
Senior VP Lending Johnson Bank

Pat JohnsonPat is not one of THE Johnsons but he helped me buy my first two rental properties as well a keep them cash flowing with a re-finance or two.  He has always exceeded my expectations and has helped several of my clients with great results.  Pappy has gone above and beyond including but not limited to handling a closing at my home and another time in the hospital.

Micha Peterson
Vie President Mortgage Consultant  Micha can be reached at (608) 223-2184 or email her at Monona Bank sponsored my Atwoodfest so they get points for that too.  Micha is familiar with all the loan types I have ever crossed paths with and she adds the flexibility and local decisions of a medium sized local bank.

Kevin Kreeger
Anchor Bank Home Mortgage Lender
(608) 252-1876
Kevin earns his spot here for the great work he did on a recent deal.  After a local establishment mucked up the deal and caused all kinds of trouble, Kevin swooped in with skill and poise and got us all back on track.  A real straight arrow and decent fellow with a decade or two of experience from a local bank.

Deb Olson
Summit Credit Union
Phone: (608) 243-5000, ext. 1005
Don’t get turned off by her “I’m very busy and it may take 2 days to get back to you voice mail greeting”  I don’t think it ever has taken that long and she has worked hard and well for several of my clients.

My Insurance People

Julie A. Sternal
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
(608)442-9191 Ext. 08096
Julie worked at my local Chase bank as the best personal banker I have ever had the pleasure of knowing before migrating her talents to the insurance industry.  She handles property casualty (Home Owners, Boats, Cars, Motorcycles) as well as life insurance.  Julie handles my home and auto.


Jeff Furst
B. Goll & Dunn Insurance Agency
1057 North Edge Trail Suite 1A
Verona, WI 53593
Jeff is my neighbor and as anyone that does business with me has earned the right to do so.  He takes the time to explain to me the intricacies of the insurance business and coverage making me a more educated consumer.  In his agency role, he can shop many companies for the best and most affordable coverage for you.  Jeff carries  some of my rentals and my recreational land.  If Julie ever goes back into banking, I’ll give him a shot at my Home and Auto.


Carlos Chacon

American Family Insurance

His website says Fitchburg but we all know he lives on Rutledge St.

(608) 327-2220