In preparation for a date in early 2017, I was asked what drives me.  My well-thought-out answer made no inroads with the lovely lady but it was comforting to be able to so quickly and easily come to the conclusion. You see, I sort of knew already.  I make connections that add value. For more than a decade I have owned investment real estate, been a resource to people buying, selling, managing, maintaining and renovating both single family homes as well as rental properties.  My roots are in sales and marketing, giving me an in depth understanding of what messages, delivery methods and avenues will sell a home.  I can also use these skills to help buyers truly understand the buying process minus the spin and uncover what really matters today, and years from now when the tables are turned and it is time to sell.

I connect people with things, with people, trades people, resources and by doing so add value, create value.

Working with a good agent will either save you money, make you some or both.  Find an experienced, straight shooting partner that you can relate to and trust. Have a look around; learn about Madison real estate and learn about me. My hope is that this window into my life, my work and my methods, will show you I am that agent.

The Madison market is constantly changing and buying and selling homes can be challenging. Success lies not in a program or strategy but within a relationship and the sharing of knowledge and experience. I look forward to building that relationship with you.